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What You Need to Know About Hydroxyl Generators

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Since 2008 hydroxyl generators have been used in the restoration industry to assist in deodorization treatments. There are many ideas and opinions in the industry about these machines, and here at Hydroxyl Rentals, we want to guarantee that you understand the truth behind the machines we utilize. 

Are Hydroxyl Generators Safe? 

Absolutely. Tom McArdle of Hydroxyl Rentals, explains it like this – atmospheric hydroxyls are safe for people, pets, plants, and most materials found in your home. Unlike ozone generators which must be used in unoccupied areas of your home, hydroxyl generators can begin working immediately, even before structural repair work begins on your property. 

Ozone Machines are Faster than Hydroxyl Generators

This is true. Ozone machines will deodorize the space you’re working on faster than a hydroxyl generator, but, unlike a hydroxyl machine, repair crews cannot work on the area while an ozone generator is running. 

Let’s look at the science. Hydroxyls are a million times more reactive than ozone, and because of this, they will remove a larger range of odors. But, it’s hard to say exactly how long this will take – it depends upon the concentration of oxidants used. 

Typically, an ozone machine will take 24 hours while a hydroxyl generator will take 36. It is important to remember that hydroxyls won’t damage materials and can run while the space is still drying. 

Hydroxyl Generators Require a Fan to Blow the Radicals as Far as Possible Across the Affected Area.

Not quite. If this were the case, hydroxyl generators would never get the job done and odors would stick around forever. What happens in hydroxyl generators is all about science. There is patented technology that constantly creates new hydroxyl radicals outside the machine’s chamber. Due to what chemists refer to as the chain reaction, or cascade effect, the new radicals, and oxy and peroxy radicals, are constantly being created outside the machine and through the space being treated – effectively eliminating the smoke or mildew odors. 

You may see some contractors use fans for hard to reach places, but over all, hydroxyl generators get the job done without help.

Coverage Areas Vary Depending on a few Factors.

When using a hydroxyl generator, knowing the size of the area, layout of the structure, odor severity, and time frame you’re working with is extremely important to determine the size of the hydroxyl generator needed to remove the odors. 

Generally, one machine covers 1,000 to 1,500 square feet with 20’ ceilings. 

All Hydroxyl Generators are the Same.

We hear this a lot, and have to say that this is a false statement. There are different types of hydroxyl generators, that use very different processes to create hydroxyls. Because of this, the capabilities are very different! 

One hydroxyl generator uses a UV light to generate hydroxyls. They then exit the generator and create a reaction through the treatment space, absorbing odors through the air, contents and structure of the affected area. 

The second hydroxyl generator is typically used in residential spaces and uses photocatalytic oxidation to create hydroxyls. This uses a low powered UV light, and hydroxyls never leave the machine. This means that odors trapped by contents and structure are not absorbed (but will still be treated!). 

So, while there are two hydroxyl generators, they are not the same. 

Hydroxyl Rentals Can Help

At Hydroxyl Rentals we know that getting the emergency call and not having the right equipment to service a client is a terrible feeling. That’s why we offer a wide array of hydroxyl machines for all levels of restoration, including commercial and heavy duty products.

We also have tutorials and training available to ensure you’re comfortable and familiar with using your new equipment, and provide 24/7 emergency sales service. Call us, or visit our website for more information.