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Understanding the Different Types of Fire Residue Encountered During Restoration

hydroxyl rentalsThe effects of smoke and soot damage can be devastating to any property. The restoration process is time consuming and complex, as It’s not as simple as taking out damaged items and sweeping up the debris. Proper restoration requires time, professional expertise and the use of specialized equipment. 

Fire residue comes in many different forms depending on the fire type and what materials were burned. Wet smoke is caused by the burning of rubber or plastic. The residue produces a strong odor and is often described as “sticky.” Cleaning can cause it to smear. Dry smoke leaves behind a powdery soot which is fairly easy to wipe up. However, fine soot tends to spread easily and can make its way into cracks and crevices, making removal tricky. This can cause odors to remain long after the cleanup is assumed to be complete. 

Synthetic substances like furniture, clothes, electronics, etc. burn differently than natural materials. These substances create a black smoke that will cling to walls, ceilings and any other surrounding structures. DIY removal and cleaning methods for these types of damages will be ineffective in creating long-lasting results. 

As professional contractors and restoration specialists, you have the opportunity to step in and help people dealing with large fire losses. Hydroxyl Rentals LLC, was founded to partner with contractors of all sizes to provide reliable, effective rental equipment, and expertise on a vast array of odor removal needs. The team of disaster restoration experts behind Hydroxyl Rentals provides large loss support and has a substantial rental fleet available 24/7 throughout the United States.

The next time you’re faced with having to deal with a large commercial or residential loss, we can provide you with a wide selection of rental equipment to assist with odor removal. After all fire damaged items are removed and structural damages are repaired, our equipment will come in handy to deal with any lingering odors. Our equipment goes beyond just masking and hiding odors and utilizes hydroxyls, which works by dismantling the molecular structure of odors and VOCs. This ultimately eliminates them, meaning the odors caused by fire and smoke will not resurface over time. 

At Hydroxyl Rentals, we’re here to provide support as you work with customers dealing with large fire losses. Contact us and we’ll connect you with a wide variety of rental equipment for all your fire damage restoration needs.