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How to Remove Odors Related to Water Damage, Cigarettes, and Rotten Food without Chemicals

Hydroxyl generators have been used for nearly a decade to eliminate smoke odors on countless projects around the world. However, because hydroxyls are so reactive and powerful, there are many other applications in the disaster restoration industry that contractors are profiting on. Since hydroxyls are the second strongest oxidant in the world behind atomic fluorine, […]

How to Reduce Air Pollution During Construction with Hydroxyl Generators

How to Reduce Air Pollution During Construction with Hydroxyl Generators

Construction and renovation work is necessary, but can create among the most serious indoor air quality issues. Renovation of occupied homes or buildings can disturb pollutants and fill the air with hazardous materials. This includes potential exposure to mold, asbestos, lead, and other respiratory irritants. When it comes to construction, the use of roofing materials, […]

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Understanding the Different Types of Fire Residue Encountered During Restoration

The effects of smoke and soot damage can be devastating to any property. The restoration process is time consuming and complex, as It’s not as simple as taking out damaged items and sweeping up the debris. Proper restoration requires time, professional expertise and the use of specialized equipment.  Fire residue comes in many different forms […]

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Hydroxyl vs Ozone Generators – What’s the Difference?

In the restoration world, odor removal is something we deal with every day. Ozone and hydroxyl generators are the two main options to get the job done. There are advantages and disadvantages to both sides, and we’re going to talk about them here. Before we dive in, let’s remember that both hydroxyl and ozone generators […]

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What You Need to Know About Hydroxyl Generators

Since 2008 hydroxyl generators have been used in the restoration industry to assist in deodorization treatments. There are many ideas and opinions in the industry about these machines, and here at Hydroxyl Rentals, we want to guarantee that you understand the truth behind the machines we utilize.  Are Hydroxyl Generators Safe?  Absolutely. Tom McArdle of […]

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Common Odors in Commercial Buildings and How to Get Rid of Them

If you’ve ever been in a commercial space with unpleasant odors, you probably wanted to get out ASAP. Bad smells are never good for business and must be dealt with immediately and ensure long-lasting results.  Here are some of the common areas where odors in commercial buildings are found. Be sure to check these areas […]